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The World has a shortage of Energy. The only solution to this shortage is clean energy. There are many various of this energy, wind, solar, wave, tidal, dam's, barrages and FUEL CELLS.

Fuel Cells function by using Hydrogen and Oxygen so why not use water separate it using the process known as Electrolysis of water. As a static unit the Excess Clean Energy Systems uses fuel cells and the Electrolysis of water. Excess Clean Energy Systems can be situated close to the location where the power is required. The systems do not produce any emissions or discharges, they are the power plant equivalent to fuel cell cars, or buses. One of the differences in our system is differentiated by the use larger equipment to produce the volume of power we are asked to deliver.

The world requires more energy each day to survive; fossil fuels cause pollution of the air, the earth and our health!

ASK YOURSELF, why not a clean, economical and simple solution?

Nuclear energy is dangerous as well as expensive to deliver. Future problem may be encountered when storing used rods & nuclear fuels from decommissioned nuclear sites.
As custodians of the planet we need to work towards sustaining ourselves, thus providing a future for those who will be handed the baton as custodian of the future.

Our needs are great; our responsibility is even greater, thus clean energy is the only way forward for our future. We, Excess Group of Companies, are proud to be part of the clean energy drive; our aim is to assist all power companies to achieve access to clean, efficient and economical energy.

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