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Excess Clean Energy Power Generations Systems

Clean Cell Electric Generator

The system takes advantage of all parts of the processes to allow the chemical reaction involved to develop enough power to provide a constant charge that is usable as a source of energy. This can be used as an initial power source for a power plant. A number of the chemical systems are combined together to provide the initial and the constant power that is required to provide the physical electrical charge to convert this reaction into a constant un-interruptible power supply. The systems can be used altogther in any number of units so that the desired amount of power output is delivered.

Most electrical power systems are a combination of small units of power grouped together to provide the larger output. This system of power generation invokes the same principles as used in calculating the power required to provide a home, or a large city with power. Once this is achieved it a matter of refining the design so that each individual customer's energy requirements are met.

More power is produced than is required to deliver efficient and effective operation this also has the benefit that the regular maintenance keeps stresses and strains of operation to a minimum, which in turn reduces failure of component parts. The system is also designed to have built in redundancy, extra capacity built into the power plant, from installation which allows us to maintain full and constant operation even if failure of a component occurs. Further advantages are maintenance carried out while maintaining the systems full capacity and we are able to alternate between delivery devices to extend their operational life.

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